Round 1 | 29.08.21

Afula stadium will be the home venue of Hapoel Umm Al-Fahm

Football as a bridge between peoples

The leadership of the Israeli Professional Football Leagues (IPFL) has successfully mediated  between the mayor of the Arab city of Umm Al-Fahm and the mayor of the Jewish city of Afula,  to resolve the lack of a suitable stadium for the the professional club of Umm Al-Fahm.

Once again, Israeli football (soccer) has proven that it is a force for good by continuing to connect different sectors of Israeli society and set an example of coexistence and partnership between neighbors. 

Avi Elkabetz, mayor of Afula, hosted on Friday, Dr. Samir Subhi Muhamed, mayor of Umm Al-Fahm in order to officially sign the lease agreement of the stadiumin the presence of Erez Halfon, IPFL chairman and Nicolas Lev, IPFL CEO.

The agreement will make it easy for the thousands of Hapoel Umm Al-Fahm supporters to attend the home matches of their club which will take place at the neighboring Afula stadium while the Umm Al-Fahm stadium is closed for renovation.  

Erez Halfon, IPFL Chairman: “As I said when I was appointed, football is a bridge that connects between worlds, between communities and also between Arabs and Jews.  Just a month ago we also were able to mediate between two other neighboring cities,  the Arab city of Nazareth, which agreed to host in their stadium the club of the Jewish City Nof Hagalil ( formerly Nazareth Ilit). On behalf  of  the IPFL, I would like to sincerely thank both Mayor Elkabetz and Mayor Subhi for their cooperation and willingness to take the important steps for the good not only of their cities and residents, but also for Israeli  society.”

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